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Feeling Shame Because of What You Ate? Read This Now!

I swallowed the last bite and an overwhelming feeling rumbled inside of me. “I cant believe I ate that,” circled in my head. As if in on repeat. A deep sinking feeling grew in the pit of my stomach. A warm, nauseating bubbling deep within me. Thick and sluggish. Overwhelming. Shame. Shame is heavy, fiery, internal. […]

The Truth About the Dark Tunnel of Recovery

Recovery from dieting, binging, disordered eating, and clinical eating disorders is a long and difficult process. I often explain it using a metaphor I call the tunnel of recovery.  A bridge between two worlds You can imagine the tunnel of recovery connecting two very different worlds. On one side is the world of food and […]

Women- How We Talk About Food is Extremely Important!

Have you ever thought about how we talk about food? And our bodies? What if we, as women, realized it’s time to change our dialogue? What would it be like if when we got together – we didn’t talk about hating our bodies? Instead of discussing how to shrink ourselves, we could discuss what fills us up […]

The Shocking Truth About Food Addiction You Should Know

Has food addiction taken over your life? Do thoughts about eating constantly swirl through your head? Are there foods you can’t stop eating, no matter how hard you’ve tried? Does it feel like the cookies are literally calling your name? “Eat me! Eat me! You know you’re going to. You can’t stop yourself.”  Is your […]


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