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7 Reasons You Need to Stop Shrinking Now

Sadly, what I’m about to type is counter cultural. It goes against every message our culture blasts. But I’m saying it anyway. This is for all of the women and men out there trying to lose weight. For every person fighting the urge to nourish themselves. Ignoring their hunger pains, working out past exhaustion, and […]

Is Intuitive Eating the Answer to Weight Loss?

Wondering if intuitive eating will help you lose weight? If you’re hoping you’ve finally found the solution to weight loss…. you’re not alone. But before I answer the question, let’s clear some things up. As a Certified Weight Neutral Health Coach and a Certified Diet Recovery Coach, I’m anti-diet. This means I do not support […]

How to STOP Your Bathing Suit Fears from Ruining Your Summer

It’s here! (at least in the northern hemisphere). Summer Time. Long hot days. Grilling out. Vacations. No school. And sadly, for many of us, bathing suit fears. Yes, if you’re terrified to wear a bathing suit this summer- you’re not alone. Sadly, hating our bodies is the norm in today’s weight obsessed culture.  But your […]

Beat Down from Disordered Eating? Read this now!

Are you exhausted from battling disordered eating? Maybe you’ve spent your entire life trying to lose those “last five pounds.” Or your weight has gone dramatically up and down as you’ve weight cycled. Maybe your weight is stable, but you still struggle with disordered eating. In fact- what you weigh actually shows nothing about your eating. […]


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