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Learning To Embrace Life On Life’s Terms Through Surrender

The first time I heard the expression “life on life’s terms,” I was sitting uncomfortably on a crisp white coach. The fuzzy throw pillows surrounding me were also stark white. I have no idea why the therapist who designed that office space chose EVERYTHING in white. But instead of being calming, the blaring bright white […]

Finding Light in a Pandemic

When the superintendent announced our schools would not open this fall for face-to-face instruction, I wasn’t surprised. We were in the middle of a pandemic. Perhaps it was my intuition; maybe it was my natural tendency to prepare for the worst… most likely it was a little bit of both.  For whatever reason, a deep sense […]

Why You Need a Theme Song in Today’s Surreal World

Something happened with a song today. I have to tell you about it. At the risk of dating myself, I admit Ally McBeal was one of my favorite TV shows back in the day.  Filled with hilarious story lines the show was about a quirky lawyer working with an ex-boyfriend she still had feelings for. […]

How To Cope With Mom Guilt Now

When I joined the local mom’s group almost ten years ago, I had no idea what lay ahead in the next decade. Becoming a mother turned my world completely upside down, as I learned an entirely new way of being. Thankfully connecting with other women in various stages of this journey called motherhood helped tremendously. […]


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