5 Resolutions That Are Better Than Losing Weight

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As we start off the new year, chatter about resolutions focusing on weight loss blast us from every angle. But what if this year, you decided to do something different?

What if you decided to stop basing your worth as a person on your weight and size. And decided instead to make resolutions that help you grow as a person?

Here are 5 Resolutions that are Better than Losing Weight

1. Take Up Space

That’s right, this resolution is the opposite of what diet culture tells us we should do. Instead of shrinking your body (which also shrinks your spirit, mind, soul, and vitality), vow to take up space.

Have MORE of you show up unapologetically in your body. Just as she looks right now. Take care of her. By nourishing her, moving her in ways that feels good, and allowing her to rest when needed. 

Show up in the body you have when you prioritize taking care of her.

This year take up space.

2. Respect your body and yourself

That’s right. This year why not resolve to treat your body and yourself with the very same respect you’d give any other living breathing creature. Think about a child you adore, a pet you love, or a dear friend. Would you talk to them the way you talk to yourself? And would you deny them nourishment or pleasure from food? I doubt it.

So why would you do the same to yourself?  You are also a living breathing human who deserves to be treated with kindness and respect. 

3. Allow for Flexibility 

Recognize that everything in our world changes. The ebbs and flows of life happen naturally. Just like the seasons change, relationships change, and our bodies change.

We can’t plan and control everything in life because there is so much out of our control. And because nothing is meant to stay the same. Trying to control and micromanage outcomes in our lives (and our bodies) only backfires. And while living in the unknown can be scary, it can also be magical. 

4. Let Go 

As we start the new year, resolve to let go of what no longer serves you. Whether it’s negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, rules around food, or any other suffocating patterns you have. Let it go if it is hurting you.

Worrying about what other people think about us is just another way we try to control outcomes. Let go of it. Counting calories, weighing yourself, or obsessing over exercise does not serve you. It does not make you happier, healthier, or more free. It actually does the opposite. So focus on letting it go. 

*special note: this is a practice. Meaning, you may have to let go of harmful practices over and over again, every time the urge to engage in them happens. 

5. Use Your Voice

This year focus on speaking your truth. Owning your values, thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Don’t be ashamed of what makes you special and unique. Instead recognize all you have to give the world. And use your voice. Trust me – we need it!

What resolutions are you making this year?

I’d love to hear from you. What are you resolving to do this year? Instead of losing weight?

Also if you’re looking for support in working towards non weight loss goals this year, check out my work with me page here. I’ll be opening a limited number of slots in my private coaching business soon.

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