About Lisette Hoschek

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Lisette Hochek is a writer, editor, dancer, dreamer, martial artist, friend, wife, and mother. My ten years of experience working in mental health failed to prepare me for the hardest job I have ever loved- being a stay at home mom to my three young boys. After struggling with an eating disorder for over 23 years, I finally chose recovery and found my voice. I have been writing for Recovery Warrior’s online magazine since April 2017 and am currently the Cheif Editor for Recovery Warriors.

When not drowning in choo choo trains or Super Mario, you can find me reading tarot cards, practicing Taekwondo, journaling, reading, learning about astrology, taking long walks while listening to podcasts, or watching true crime documentaries. I also loves the ocean, the mountains, unicorns, any kind of art project, and all things sparkly. 

Who is Lisette Hoschek? 

  • I am quirky, clumsy, and extremely sentimental.
  • I am an extroverted introvert. While I absolutely love connecting authentically with others, I require solitude to recharge.  Nothing drains me more than small talk.
  • I am a hippie at heart. A middle child, I have spent my life questioning why we can’t just all get along. 
  • I have broken a ridiculous amount of bones, sometimes more than one at a time.
  • I cannot carry a tune, but love almost all genres of music. Country music is my favorite and I often use it to “teach” my children life lessons in “mommy school.” 
  • Sometimes when I am signing my childrens’ agendas for school, I secretly imagine I am a rock star signing autographs for my adoring fans. 
  • I am a recovering perfectionist who is chronically disorganized but almost always at least five minutes early everywhere I go.
  • I believe you have found this site for a reason and I am grateful you are here. 

I am currently working as the Chief Editor at Recovery Warriors. I live with my husband and three boys in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA. 

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to

enjoy each step along the way.

Wayne Dyer

Life’s a dance… you learn as you go.

Allen Shamblin and Steve Seskin