Podcast Interview

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In the dark Winter of 2016, I sat cross legged on my bedroom floor. Having already spiraled deep into another relapse of the eating disorder I’d battled most of my life, I felt hopeless. Googling I came upon The Recovery Warriors Show. I’d never even listened to a podcast interview.

Terrified I’d find true recovery from an eating disorder, I was shocked to hear episode after episode of brave warriors sharing their stories. I listened to one podcast interview after another.

Slowly I gained the courage to ask for help. I talked to my therapist. And then to my husband. Eventually I ended up back in treatment. It was the 3rd time and I wondered if I would ever truly recover.

From Podcast Interview Listener to Guest

Sitting on my floor that day, I never imagined I would one day be a guest on the very same podcast that saved my life. Let alone become the author of 100 articles and the Editor of The Recovery Warriors online magazine. Yet – it happened! You can listen to my podcast interview to hear me chat about my recovery with Jessica /flint.

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