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Lisette has been a lead contributor to the online editorial at Recovery Warriors since 2017. Her RW articles have been read and shared over 100,000 times all over the world. To see a complete list of her articles at Recovery Warriors check out this page.

Below you will find links to some of Lisette’s favorite articles on Recovery Warriors.

RW Articles by Lisette

14 Things Your Loved One With an Eating Disorder Wants You to Know (But is Afraid to Tell you)

This article is for anyone who loves someone with an eating disorder. Although I wrote it in 2017, it’s my most shared and most read article. Countless warriors have shared it with their families as a catalyst towards healing. Please consider sharing it with your friends and family to help your own recovery journey.

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What Does Recovery Mean and Why Is It Important?

Let’s face it, recovering from an eating disorder is HARD. Yes, it’s worth the fight. And of course I’m going to encourage you to keep working towards it. But I’ll never say it’s easy. So if you’re going to keep trudging forward in the sometimes terrifying, often overwhelming, and no doubt grueling path of recovery, make sure you understand just what exactly you’re working towards. What does the word recovery even mean?

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I am “Overweight” and in Recovery From an Eating disorder

I am in recovery from an eating disorder. Also, I am “overweight.” Just typing that sentence brings up an avalanche of mixed emotions. I am now what I feared and tried to avoid for decades of my life: “overweight.” At the same time, I am also in recovery: something I have fought for relentlessly.

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Listen to Your Body! Why this Skill Can Help Your Journey

I can’t remember the first time I heard the phrase, “Listen to your body.” But if I had to guess, I’d say I was 22 years old at the time. Most likely I was in a sterile hospital room, sitting in a circle surrounded by other emaciated girls. All of us wearing the same dumbfounded expression. All of us wondering the same thing.

What does it even mean to listen to your body?

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“I Should Be Past This by Now”: 3 Things to Remember in ED Recovery

As I sat at my dining room table, staring down a plate of pasta, the same thought echoed in my head. “I can’t believe I’m here again. I should be past this by now.” I’d been in recovery from anorexia and bulimia for over four years. And still- at that moment, simply eating my lunch felt like a battle. And I was tired of fighting.

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ED Recovery People: Sick and Tired of the Numbers Game?

Numbers have always played a part in my eating disorder. What I realize now is playing the numbers game can be dangerous to ED recovery.

The day I turned 43 I sat in a coffee shop sipping a mocha and indulging myself in a morning all to myself. I couldn’t help but look back at my life. Birthdays are such an interesting phenomenon. When we’re younger we can’t wait for birthdays. Then suddenly, almost with out warning, we hit a number and flip to dreading them.

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Desperate for Freedom from Your Eating Disorder? Read This Now!

I was sinking deeper and deeper into the depths of an eating disorder. Weights on my feet pulled me under. Unable to come up for air, I saw friends and loved ones living their lives. But I watched them from what felt like 10 feet underwater. The eating disorder continued pulling me down as I felt more and more powerless to fight the tug. I wanted to get out of the pool. To break out of the hell the eating disorder kept me in. I wanted freedom from the eating disorder, but I honestly felt powerless.

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I Gained Weight… How I Kept Living My Amazing Life

So…the dreaded happened. That thing I feared for so long. What I worried about, lost sleep over, obsessed over round and round in my head, and literally spent DECADES of my life fighting against. It happened. I gained weight. I was in a size bigger than ever before.

It happened for lots of reasons. Partially because I couldn’t maintain the type of lifestyle I was living any longer. It happened because I hit my rock bottom and chose to climb out. And happened because I heard that wise voice inside of me and actually listened to it.

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