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Are you struggling with food and your body?

If You’re Someone Who:

  • thinks about food from morning til night
  • feels shame any time you walk by a mirror
  • can’t focus on conversations at meals because you’re obsessing about food
  • has a closet full of sizes you don’t fit into
  • leaves the table still hungry but can’t stop eating once the kids are in bed
  • is exhausted from dieting for decades
  • stopped eating disorder behaviors but still hates your body & obsesses over food
  • is ashamed of your struggles with food because you “know better” but can’t seem to change your behaviors
  • puts weight loss above hanging out with family and friends
  • feels panicked by “normal” activities like grocery shopping, eating out, or going to parties where there is food
  • is in recovery from an eating disorder but feel like one misstep and you’re going to lose it all
  • never felt “sick enough” to get help with your food issues because you were never “thin enough”
  • feels like you’re addicted to food and can’t stop eating once you start

You’re in the right place.

I’ve been there.

And I want to help you:


What if it were possible to:

Stop Hating Your Reflection

Can you imagine walking by a mirror without your heart sinking into your gut? Or getting dressed without changing your outfit 5 times?

Make Peace With Your Body

What if instead of always pushing and fighting your body, you took care of her? And if food was NOT the first thought in your head each day? Or the last thought before your fall asleep?

Feel Calm Around Food

When was the last time you sat down at a meal and felt present and connected? And focused more on the conversations than the calories?

It IS possible! And I want to help you get there.

I help women stop battling with food and their bodies so they can live freely.

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